The following chart provides an indication of the ability of plastic stock shape materials manufactured by Nytef Plastics, Ltd. to resist degradation caused by chemical attack. This information should be used only as a guide. Any material that is to be used in a chemical environment should be tested in the actual application prior to production. All of the data is provided for chemical contact at room temperature (73F/23C). The chemical resistance of plastic materials will often decrease substantially as temperature increases.

Material Ratings:
A: No attack to minor degradation. Physical property degradation 10% or less. Slight changes in color may occur. Slight surface crazing may be present after extended exposure. Suitable for use under virtually all application conditions.

B: Significant attack. Physical property degradation 40% or less. May involve substantial changes in color. Significant surface crazing may be present. Suitable for short-term exposure or long-term exposure under light loads.

C: Substantial attack. Physical property degradation in excess of 40%. Substantial crazing and cracking may occur after extended exposure. Suitable for very short-term or intermittent exposure only.

D: Plastic material degrades and/or dissolves quickly. Not to be used under any circumstances.Concentrations:

Aqueous: Aqueous (water) solution. Concentration is by weight (usually 10%).
Saturated: Saturated aqueous solution.

Concentrated: Concentrated aqueous solution.
If the concentration is not given, the test was conducted with a full-strength solution (100%).

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